General Fitness.

Train in a team environment & move well with evidence based programming and highly skilled trainers.

We believe that the key components of training consist of; moving well, mobility, injury prevention, strength and fitness.

We apply the same principles of training athletes to the general population and will always regress or progress and alter exercises to suit:

Community is at the centre of our values at UBF and we pride ourselves on inclusion, authenticity, excellence and growth.

We aim to offer the highest level of service to our General Fitness clientele and are always happy to adapt and individualise our sessions to ensure that they all get the most out of their sessions and classes. Don’t get lost in a crowd doing cookie-cutter, pre-programmed sessions that aren't ideal for you.

We believe high quality training facilities and programs should be accessible to everyone and it is our aim to share our passion for high quality training systems with those who want to train hard and improve their lives.

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