No matter the sport you’ve chosen strength training should be an integral part of your schedule.

For this reason UBF have developed an MULTISPORT PROGRAM designed to fit into load heavy schedules focussing on resilience and performance.

Scheduling strength training can be a difficult task with Endurance based sports including Triathlon, Running, Cycling and even Surf Sports as your training schedule is already packed full.

Our expert strength and conditioning coaches, including Triathlon Australia Coach Drew Calabria, understand this and not only design your strength program around injury management and performance but ensure we’ve collaborated with your training schedule and coach to get the best result.


For more information download our multi-sport athlete program brochure or enquire with one of our helpful staff.

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Multi-sport Belief Statements.

We believe that culture, values and mindset form an integral part of a successful training environment and program.

We believe athletes of all abilities should have the freedom to train with professional coaches within a purpose built performance facility.

We believe continuous personal & professional development by our team encourages the same for our athletes

We believe that strength training for endurance athletes is specific in its nature and the knowledge should be shared to ensure injury rates are reduced within the industry and participation continues to increase.

We believe that exceeding your perceived potential comes from collaborating with various experts and professionals.