Athletic Development.

The next generation of athletic development for emerging to elite athletes.

Our high performance gym is built for athletes & elite level coaches to bring you a gym and community designed around your needs

It's just not enough to train in a generic and commercial gym when in pursuit of your sporting dreams. As athletes we require space, particular equipment and team of trainers with a high level of understanding when it comes to the demands of sports and how to best train to increase performance and to prevent injury buy managing loads and altering exercises to suit our jam-packed schedules. 

UBF Specialises in:

Football / Field
Based Sports


Including Triathlon, running and surf sports.

Youth Athletic Development

Athletic Development Program

For more information on our Athletic Development Program, download our ADP brochure or enquire with one of our helpful staff.

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Our Beliefs and Values.

We believe that strength, speed, skill and agility can be taught, and is best developed early on in an athlete's career to set them up for success.

We believe all athletes deserve to have access and equal opportunities while in pursuit of their dreams not after.

We believe training athletes requires an entirely different approach when it comes to gym based programming and for this reason we have designed our gym specifically for athletes by athletes.

We believe emerging athletes deserve a place outside of their sporting arenas to be supported and inspired by coaches and their peers alike.